Science Night Recycling Project (Science Night 28th January)

Science Night in 2nd Grade is a great chance for the students to use their creative side and to blend that with what they have learned about recycling. The project is for the students to create something of use from materials that are going to go either be recycled or thrown away.

This project is created partly in school and partly at home. The building side of the project is to be completed at home. The written report and video explanation will be done in school. This has become a really successful part of the 2nd Grade curriculum over the past 4 years and is now an eagerly anticipated event by students, faculty and parents. Some examples of what has been created in the past are:

*Chessboard made from an old pizza box.

*Flip Flops made from old newspaper.

*A bedside table made from an old pizza box and some pieces of wood.

*An electronic map of the world showing places visited by the student. Made from styrofoam from a television box and an old set of plug-in holiday lights.

*A lamp mad from a plastic bottle.

*A vase made from an old Vinyl record, melted into a new shape.

* A calendar made from old bottle caps.

*Plus so many other great designs.

Students can use glue, tape, string and any other materials, but the main idea is that it is made from something that isn’t needed in the house anymore.

Part of the project requires the students to document the building process. I would like them to have some photographs from start to finish which will then be placed on the posters that we create at school.

Some ideas:

Some great ideas here

Great use of old cans and maps

As I find more I will post them. Be as creative as you can.

Deadline for bringing completed project to school is Friday, 24th January



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