Back to School Night Packet



Back to School Night Packet 2013-2014


Welcome to Second Grade! Some of you might have already had children in my class before so welcome back! For those who are having me as a teacher for your children for the first time, I am really excited to get to know you and your child/children.


What to expect from the classroom:


I love to see the kids learning at their own pace and as such, each day is different. You will see your child learning in a very organic way. We have a lot of discussion and this leads to some amazing discoveries. Expect to see your child learning new technologies and approaching learning in different ways. Your child will complete homework assignments that are not the traditional worksheet type. They will be asked to send me an email, produce a poster presentation, complete an online reading log or respond to a voice-thread. Your child will be part of a classroom community where respect for each other, their teachers, their space and themselves is encouraged and expected.


What to expect from Mr. Delaney:


I can promise you 100% commitment and that I strive every day to make your child’s day enjoyable and filled with learning. I like the class to be filled with laughter and I like the students to learn how to manage their own learning. At certain times of the day the students will get to pick which activities they want to work on. For example, one student might be reading a book, another finishing a piece of writing, while yet another is completing a powerpoint presentation.


My Teaching History:


This will be my 15th year of classroom teaching. I have taught on 5 continents, hundreds of kids, some of whom have just graduated from University! I have taught 2nd – 8th Grade, but this year will be my 8th year teaching 2nd Grade. I love the age and I find it challenging, but also fun. This year I will also be teaching Middle School P.E., Rock Band Elective and coaching the Middle School soccer team.


Main Units of Study:


Social Studies: Map Skills, learning about the United States, Japan, Apple Valley School, and Immigration.


Technology: Voicethreads, Powerpoints, Vocaroo, Q.R. codes and blogging.





Math: Place Value to 1000, Count and Compare money amounts, 2-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, Geometry and Fractions, Multiplication and Division, Elapsed Time, 3-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping.


Genre Studies: Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Biography, Science Fiction.


Science: Recycling, Force and Motion, Human Body Systems, Mystery Solutions.


Handwriting: Our second grade goal is to teach, model, and practice legible print for both students and teachers to read. We will continue the 1st grade foundation and support moving toward 3rd grade cursive.


Writer’s Workshop: Understand and practice the Writing Process:


◦           Pre-Writing

◦           Rough Draft

◦           Revising

◦           Editing

◦           Final Draft

◦           Publishing





I am a firm believer in honest and open communication. I communicate best face-to-face and encourage you to have a chat with me before or after school if the need arises. I try to have an open-door policy, obviously not when I’m in the middle of teaching long division! Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will be teaching Rock Band until 3:30 and won’t be available until that class has finished. If it is something that can’t wait please leave a message at the front desk and I will call you when class has finished.


Email –




My blog can be found at You can also access my blog through the school PBworks website ( I will try to update the blog at different times during the week. I will also post any homework assignments, updates, field trip details, student work, and anything else of general interest.

Twitter: Follow me at CCJDSTECH. Most of my tweets are about the use of technology in the classroom and what great apps are out there for young learners.




QR Codes: If you look at the notice board outside the classroom you will see some codes that can be scanned using a scan reader. I suggest Norton Snap because it also scans for viruses too. The codes will take you to an article or something of interest.


Parent Volunteers: Our field trip schedule relies on the participation of parents as chaperones and drivers. I am so appreciative of your time and realize that you have to juggle things around and often take time off to help. I try to schedule field trips on different days and times, so that it gives flexibility to those wanting to help out. If someone would like to coordinate drivers for trips that is a big help. I don’t tend to need too much assistance in the classroom, however, if there is a topic or project close to your heart, I encourage you to come in and present or get involved somehow.


Soccer: I am a huge Liverpool fan and I WILL NOT tolerate your child wearing any other shirt to school. If this happens I will send your child home to change at once!


Homework: I believe that homework is important when it corresponds with what has been learned in class. I do not believe in busy work or homework for homework’s sake. That being said, I do expect every student to read for 15 minutes every night. That can be your child reading to you, you reading to them and having them follow along, even an audio book. I will not be assigning specific reading books for homework, as I believe that great discussions come about in our classroom when children can recommend a book that they have chosen to their peers. I would like the children to complete the online form ONCE per week, preferably at the end of the week. The form is on the blog under the heading READING LOG HOMEWORK. I find that in most cases completing a web-based form of some sort helps to motivate a lot of students more so than using a paper based record.


I will occasionally assign projects for the children to complete as a homework activity. This might be something that takes two or even three weeks. You are encouraged to help out with general organization, but the written parts should be the students’ own words.


Birthdays: Birthdays are always a great celebration for any child. However, at school we have to manage the excitement that comes with it. With this in mind I have a few expectations about celebrations in the room.

If you would like to bring a treat for the class, please ensure that you:

Bring enough for everyone.

Make sure that they are Kosher and parve.

Please arrive around 2:50 on the agreed upon day.

Even though it is your child’s birthday they will be responsible to clean up any mess afterwards. Of course, hopefully there will be no mess to clean up:)

Field Trip Dates: TBA

Pittsburg Recycling Centre

Contra Costa Water District – Treatment Plant

Danville One Room School House

Junior Centre for Art and Science

Asian Art Museum

Angel Island Immigration Centre

Urban Adamah












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